In the name of God


Subject: Pink-Dream 


My dream home is a pink cabin in the forest. There is a lake near in the forest. There is four season in the forest. Away is Spring,  away is Summer,  away is autumn and away is winter. There is one small room. There is a pink bear in my cabin and I live with her.  In the forest raining and I see behind the window. There is a pink bed in my room. I have many dolls. I have a bookcase with many book, and I have a pink dresser, pink and white closet, white desk and white chair, three pictures, pink and white curtains, a mirror, three plants, pink and white armchair and pink clock.

There is in my cabin a pink sofa, pink carpet, eight pictures, fireplace, white coffee table and pink clock.

It is my pink write!

من این انشارو خودم نوشتم. تو كلاس زبان معلممون گفته بود همه یه انشا درمورد خونه ی رویایی خودشون بنویسن. اینم مال من بود!
الان دیگه همه انگلیسی بلدن! فكر نكنم نیازی به ترجمه باشه! اگه خواستین نظر بدین بنویسم!

طبقه بندی: مطالب گوناگون،

تاریخ : چهارشنبه 19 مهر 1391 | 18:40 | نویسنده : سپیده | نظرات

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